SZUPA Wonder Women - Beginner Ultimate Frisbee Training

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When: Wednesdays 8:00PM-10:00PM 

Bring: Please wear/bring weather appropriate sports clothes including a white AND a dark colored shirt and sneakers.

Where & Directions: Use bus B683 from Window of the World exit A. Then make your way to the front of the IKEA and Decathlon entrances

Lead by: Coach Andy Zhou, Coach James Mash, and Coach Jeff

What is it: This is a new training open for women only and geared towards beginners. Feel comfortable in learning a new sport with others also new to the game.

Practice and drills: We'll be practicing different kinds of throws called dump, backhand, forehand, outside in, and inside out throws, + 1-2 drills.

Followed by a heated game of

Hotbox or Pickup

Bring new girls! 

Hot dogs and ice cream @ IKEA after we practice

If you'd like to join PM Jeff.

Wechat ID: SZultimate