Wonder Women Training

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Thursdays 8:00 @ The Children's Palace near Book City is our Wonder Women's Training night.

We meet weekly but if the weather is bad we will cancel. 

We will be teaching girls how to throw and catch or how to improve on both. There probably won't be many drills. Just some throwing around and a few games (Monkey in the Middle, Zombie disc). It's a casual night of throwing around the disc at the Children's Palace lead by Coaches Andy and Jeff. This location is free and has been very good to us for finding new talent.

Cost: Bring a new girl or some fruit for the coaches;)

Throwing Training - What you need to know:


Water(can be bought at the nearby 7 11), good running shoes(No Cleats as the surface is stone), Disc(optional since we will bring many to share, as well as we have some for sale).

If we don't have any for sale, consider buying a Discraft disc, the top brand in the world or Ultipro a Chinese brand that is our sponsor. Both available on Taobao.


The Children's Palace Directions:

Meet 8:00 at the Children's Palace(Shao Nian Gong) Metro. Use Exit D. From the metro exit, turn right, walk along the road and when you see the 7 11, cross the street nearby Book City. If facing the 7 11 you walk to the right you will see us playing on the left in the open square. You've now arrived at Field A.

Field A is where we teach and practice throwing and catching and usually we are here the whole time.

Field B is where we may go if we want to play a game and need some more open grass. If you come late and can't find us, then we are most likely there. Either go check or give Jeff a call.

To reach Field B, keep Book City to your back and walk diagonally across Field A. Cross the street and you've arrived.


Practice Breakdown:

- Throwing and Catching with one partner or with the whole group

- Instruction from experienced Ultimate Frisbee players on how to throw and catch

- Drills and Games that will improve your fitness level and ability and teach you some basic strategy



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See you soon!

Make sure to text Jeff if coming! 13751100329.

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