S.Z.U.P.A. Improved Training Initiative and New Field Trial NEXT Tuesday

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Tuesday Training NEXT week will be at a school called Yunding @ Fumin metro. 

Directions: www.SZUltimate.com/YD

This field is beautiful. Close to the metro, bright lights, good turf, a nice sized 7 a size field, and even close to the craft beer taphouse, Crafthead:) The price is alot more than Weixin but our club, the S.Z.U.P.A. will be footing the extra cost this week AND next week to give you all a try so pricing is the same. If the majority of people agree to keeping training there we will work on a long term deal with the field, so let us know:)

In addition, this will continue our new training program with assigned coaches. We are starting tonight at Weixin. Consider it as a rough draft as we are still working some stuff out;)

Devin Licastro, Matt Ungar, Eddie Zhu, Taylor Xie, Glen Cornel, Robert Grey, John Jansen, James Inman, Roldy(provisionally), Cathy Liu, Jeff Bussel, Celine Bins, and Chelsea Du have all agreed to be coaches.

Each training we will have two coaches. One focusing on a skill for the night.  One for advanced training as well as one for the intermediate and beginners. 

So now we have 12-13 coaches.

Everyone of the coaches is enthusiastic about our plan to improve the S.Z.U.P.A. and we hope you are too.

Please come support!

S.Z.U.P.A Committee