SZUPA Bulletin

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Good afternoon everyone,

I'm happy to announce that our club has been given permission to use the school field of Nanshan Ershi in exchange for the continued coaching of their students who placed 3rd at the recent Shenzhen Youth Frisbee tourney.

It is not too far from Portofino somewhat close to Happy Valley, and really nice turf plus a little bit bigger then our Yunding field. A map and directions will be added to (NanShanErShi)

We will use it going forward as our Sunday Pickup and Training field. There will be a cost of 20RMB per person charged that will go towards the club. This will help pay for Tuesday nights, help with going to tourneys, go towards our emergency fund and of course to help make things more fun.

Sundays will also have some focus on training as well to help our team improve and teach the new players that can only come on Sundays.

All expenses will be kept track by the acting Treasurer.

The SZUPA committee has some plans that we are still working out like inviting some good players from nearby to run some clinics that we hope to help with our goal of teaching more and more new players.

Tuesday nights will start to focus more on a SZUPA team training with Coach Eddie who should be back by the 21st. We are picking a team to go to the SZ Open if possible and choosing some tournaments to focus on for the year. If you want to take part PM James Mash or me.

FINALLY, the new league is almost ready to open for registration. The theme is Star Wars and we are planning to do fun jerseys again. It will open either tonight or tomorrow and the first 20 people to sign up and pay will be eligible to win a pair of shorts from a past league. I have some Smash Bros shorts and Emoji shorts left:)

It will be at Info is being updated so info up now is subject to change. As soon as we're ready, I'll announce registration is open.

While this is all being done for our club, as always anyone is welcome to join from any club. We encourage all to come and play with us.

Shenzhen Ultimate Players Association Committee