QQ Group

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The SZUPA is in constant contact with our members. We are one big happy family. Most of us keep in touch daily through use of QQ. In China, it is rare to meet a Chinese person that is not already using QQ. Maybe the most popular chatting software in the world. It has lots of great features like adjustable screenshots to show people in your QQ group something on your screen that you want or need to show them, add animated pictures as emoticons, easily upload pictures to the chat window or the group album. Your own QQ email address with lots of storage space.

We really hope if you don't have QQ already you will get it and join our group: 180053827. If you can't figure out how to add a group, you can first add Jeff: 1514391292 or give Jeff a call at 13751100329. It shouldn't be too difficult as there is an English version of qq that can be downloaded from www.imqq.com. Just click the link:)

Shenzhen Ultimate Players Association