SZ Ultimate Potluck Pool Party

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SZ Ultimate Potluck Pool Party
Saturday, October 6, 2012 -
3:30pm to 9:00pm

Hey guys,

It's about time for another Potluck Pool Party:)

We will be having a Potluck Pool Party at the Dong Hai Hua Yuan Outdoor and Indoor Pool @ 3:30PM.

To use the swimming pool costs 30RMB. If you don't want to swim you are welcome to hang out as long as you bring some food. We don't make any profit from this activity but our organization would welcome an additional donation in order to cover things like field rental/text messaging/equipment:) We'll stay till 9PM to avoid conflict with the staff. It closes soon after anyway.

It's a big outdoor pool and a medium sized indoor pool.

The swimming pool has a place to change and a shower to use.

Everyone coming should bring a dish of food enough for a few people to share, and some soda. If you want beer, you can buy it from the Korean Pizzeria called Piatto in the Lobby (but it is cheaper to bring some along). Make sure to bring a bathing suit, and a towel. You can bring some food you made on your own that you enjoy or representing where you are from, or bring something you just like bought from a restaurant or the supermarket.

Anyone wanting to come needs to first text me at 13751100329. Say you are coming and if able to, tell me what you are bringing. This place is nearby the tall China Merchants Bank Headquarters in Che Gong Miao and is pretty huge, but to keep control, I'd like no more than 50ppl. Please no surprises..Don't make me the bad guy;)

Frisbees will be available to throw around in the pool

A Beer Pong/Flip Cup Table will be on the scene (BYOB)

Water guns welcome! (BYOWG)


I'll meet you at the pool. :) I'm turning my phone off. Make sure you bring the address and directions :)

Click on the Location link below for a map and directions.

Shenzhen Ultimate Players Association

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Shenzhen Ultimate Players Association
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