The ShenZhen Ultimate Players Association meet every Sunday to play Ultimate.
The location may change in the future. Most days it will be at at Nanshan Second Experimental School. Please check where we will be playing each week by calling or texting Jeff(13751100329) to check.

Meet on the field at 2:30PM. We will start off by warming up by throwing and then do some drills. After, we will split into teams and play.

If it rains, we will most likely still play. You can check the WeChat group for any change.

If you see no update then nothing has changed. If you still are unsure you can PM Jeff. WeChat ID: SZultimate

What to Bring:
Water 水– Can buy around the area, but you have to walk a bit(附近可以买到但是需要步行一段距离)
White and a dark or colored shirt一件白色T恤和一件深色T恤或者有颜色的T恤 – must bring two so we can more easily separate teams一定要带两件这样我们可以更方便的分队
Good running shoes or cleats一双好的跑鞋或者足球鞋
Disc(optional as we have many and some for sale)飞盘(非必备因为我们有飞盘供你购买)

Cost: 20RMB/person
(南山第二实验学校 Nanshan Di Er Shi Yan Xue Xiao) 
Address: Xiangshan Xi Jie He Qiaobei Er Jie De Lu Kou 香山西街与侨北二街路口

Go to Window of the World metro station and use exit A. Once you get to street level, bear left and cut across the square in front of the Holiday Plaza mall. Go up the steps and keep walking straight. You will cross two small streets and come to a 7 11.
Get a drink/snacks here as there is nothing nearby the school.
Once you have your drinks/snacks, cross the street and take bus M486 or 795 to the bus stop Nanshan Second Experimental School. The bus will pass the school a little so when you get off the bus you will need to walk back in the direction you came from.
You will know you are near when you pass a golf driving range on your right. The school is just past it.

This is a weekly game that meets every Sunday, if you know someone who might be interested please have them add SZultimate on WeChat, e-mail myshufu@live.com, SMS 13751100329 and pass us their e-mail and phone number.

ShenZhen Ultimate Players Association