How to Participate in SZUPA Activities

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Most activities run by the SZUPA are currently organized by text messages. Messages are generally sent out 2-3 days before regular activities. Special events are usually promoted 1 month before.

It is vital that we know your interest to participate as soon as possible.

We are a non-profit club but that doesn't mean we don't have expenses. One of the most recurring one being fees for sending text messages.

If many of you do not answer us, we have to send out a second text to over 200 people. Please answer immediately after you've received our messages.

If you can go say "In".

If you can't go say "Out" or "Not In".

If you might come say "Maybe".

If you don't answer, we cant know if we have enough people and will possibly cancel.

Anyone who says "In" or "Maybe" will be notified of changes. For example, if we cancel for the day due to lack of people, bad weather, or go to a different location. Anyone who says no(then decide to show up without notice) or doesn't answer run the risk of us not being there.


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