Ultimate Frisbee in Shenzhen - Thanks for joining the Superren!

Thanks for joining the Shenzhen Superren Ultimate Frisbee Club!

Here's what you need to know to get started:

- Please check our website - www.SZUltimate.com for more information on our group and send Jeff your phone number in order to get timely information from us.

- Download QQ and join our group 180053827. Look at the group update of our qq group for notices of activities and contests. If you don't have qq, please download it. The International(English) version is available at www.imqq.com. Also, don't forget to enable to receive group mail and to check it often. Need help setting this up, ask Joey or Jeff.


Text your info to 13751100329.

姓名Name: Listen
性别Sex: Male
手机号Phone Number: 15888888888
号码类型Phone Number Type: China Mobile
是否为智能手机 Smartphone(Yes)or Non-Smartphone(No): Yes
是否开通飞信 Fetion Yes/No: Yes

- Make sure to reply to text messages as soon as you get them so we can organize better events. Reply with In, Not In, or Maybe. No further explanation is necessary about why you can't come.

- Participate more often and show improvement to earn prizes. Most recently we are giving away free frisbees from Ultipro, China's biggest supplier of Ultimate discs. In the future prizes will include things provided by businesses around town, like restaurant vouchers, movie tickets, free entrance to events etc.


For more information on what Ultimate is and how to play, please watch the video on the following page near the bottom: http://www.szultimate.com/en/about. This video is in English with Chinese Subtitles. Find more videos by following the steps at the bottom of that page.


We are looking for a free soccer field or a cheap one that is convenient to get to. Please let us know if you can help with that in any way.


Shenzhen Ultimate Players Association