A new year, new goals

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For a good amount of last year, the SZUPA tried out a program for rotating coaches which has had some good and some bad. One thing we didn't have set was a goal for the club. This year we have decided to set one. We will be sending a team in April to the Ningbo Open and to any local tournament along the way like Tricities/PRD. Depending on how we feel at the end of that, we will set another goal.

  How does this change things?   We have a new coach that will be teaching us every Tuesday night. Eddie Bywater from Shekou. It will be a serious but fun training to put together a competitive team. Anyone who wants to come can, but over time we may split the group as things progress.    Eddie will start to come regularly from this Tuesday night so try to come out, welcome him, and try hard at practice.   If you plan to be at practices and would like to be considered, PM me and I'll add you to our group. Otherwise, hope to still see you at training.   Happy New Year!   Jeff Bussel ShenZhen Ultimate Players Association