Friday Night Dinner Club @ Mama's Lebanese Restaurant - 120RMB Set Meal

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Friday Night Dinner Club @ Mama's Lebanese Restaurant - 120RMB Set Meal
Friday, April 20, 2012 -
6:45pm to 9:00pm

This Event is limited to 20 FNDC Members or Members.

Additional ppl can come but no guaranteed seating.

To Join this event send an SMS to Jeff.

Hey guys,

This weeks dinner will be at Mama's Lebanese Restaurant in Shekou. Delicious Falafel and other Middle Eastern treats as well as traditional western fare like pizza. Come on out, have a nice meal and meet some new people. If not meeting at the metro at 7:45 then arrive at the restaurant by 8:00PM.

Menu includes:

1 Soda or 1 small Draft Beer


Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Mama's Sampler (Falafel, Hummus, assorted olives, and lebonese bread)


Chicken Kebab Salad ( served with our three Kebab Sauces)

Greek Salad (fresh greens and vegetables, olives, and feta cheese tossed in house dressing


American Pizza 

Hawaiian Pizza

Supreme Pizza

Hot and Spicy Pizza


Falafel Kebab

Chicken Kebab

Chicken Tikka Kebab

Lamb Kebab


Chicken Biryani


Chunky fries 

Vegetable Ratatouille


House made Cheese Cake and Baklava


Cost will be 120RMB per person.

Additional Drinks will be paid for as u need - meaning u order the drink and then immediately pay for it.

Meet at Seaworld Metro Station at 7:45PM. I'll wait about 10minutes then be on my way to the restaurant. It is about a 10 minute walk away.

I've visited this restaurant many times now and it has always been good. I think you'll enjoy it. ;)

Meet 7:45 at the Seaworld metro station at the ATM machines.

After dinner, we can rush to the metro, or take it easy and hang in Shekou. 


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Shenzhen Ultimate Players Association and the FNDC
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