Friday Night Dinner Club - Mongolian BBQ

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Friday Night Dinner Club - Mongolian BBQ
Friday, July 20, 2012 -
7:30pm to 9:00pm

To Join this event send an SMS with your name and e-mail address to Jeff and tell me you're coming. Also tell me if you're bringing anyone - 13751100329

We are also asking at least 10-20rmb donation for our Ultimate Frisbee club in addition to the meal's cost.

Hey guys. This week's dinner will be at the Mongolian BBQ Tents near the Xi Bei You Mian Cun Restaurant @ Xiang Mi Hu.

We will order a bunch of food and just split the cost. Lots of Lamb, big salads all served inside a Yurt(a kind of traditional Mongolian tent).

Do not join this event if splitting the cost equally will be an issue:) This is a fun event to try new food and meet new people in Shenzhen.

Be on time or we will leave without you:)

See you all on Friday!

Meet at Xiang Mi Hu station at the convenience store @ 7:30. The restaurant is a short 10 minute walk away. Call if you'll be a little late.

After dinner, we can go to Rapscallions for some drinks.

To Join this event, click on the card at the bottom and join the FNDC. Also be sure to send a SMS with your name, number and e-mail address to Jeff - 13751100329

Meet at Xiang Mi Hu Exit B @ 7:00 by the convenience store in the station.


Organized by: 
Shenzhen Ultimate Players Association and the FNDC
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