Occasionally, we will be having some contests to win some fun prizes as incentives to help us spread the news about SZ Ultimate and the 深圳 Super人. Prizes will range from home made baked treats and fun toys to movie tickets and gift cards to restaurants around town. Check here for new contests and contest results

为了更好的宣传深圳飞盘和深圳Super人极限飞盘俱乐部的信息, 我们会不定期的举行一系列的可以赢得很好玩的奖品的竞赛以激励大家更多的参与活动. 奖品范围很广, 可能是手工制作的小吃或者好玩的玩具或者电影票或者市内餐厅的代金券等等. 这里是一些最新竞赛和竞赛的结果



Current Contests

1000RMB Dinner Voucher from Bollywood Cafe/1947 Indian Restaurant Raffle.

Raffle tickets can be bought from Jeff at Sunday Pickup, Tuesday Training, Thursday Free Throw, or at the FNDC Dinner.

Raffle tickets cost 50RMB Prior to the Beach  Party, at the beach party they will cost 100RMB each. 1 name will be drawn from a hat at midnight on 8/2 to win a voucher worth 1000RMB towards a dinner at Bollywood Cafe or 1947 Indian Restaurant.

All money earned will go to the SZUPA Fund to be used for, but not limited to, organizing costs related to field rental, equipment replacement, texting to organize activities, future tournaments, and possibly to defer the cost of future jerseys for the team.


Past Contests

Free Ultipro Disc Give-Away! - 3 Discs left!! smiley - Contest Over:)

        Info: This might not be weekly, it will be a surprise. Noone will ever

                  know if it is a free frisbee week. You should just reply the same

                  day a text message is received and show up on time the day of

                  the event. Some weeks more than one disc will be given away

                  or possibly some other non-frisbee related prize. Some weeks

                  the only thing given out will be our thanks for replying quickly

                  and showing up on time.

                  Good Luck!                                       


         信息: 这项竞赛不是每周的惯例而是一种惊喜. 没有人会知道这周是不

                   飞盘周. 你需要做的就是在当天回复短信并在活动当天准时现

                    身 (非献身lol). 有些周末我们可能会给出不止一个飞盘或者有些

                    周末是与飞盘无关的奖励, 或者有些周末只能得到我们语言和精





Find us a field earn a 250RMB Dinner Voucher from Little India and an Ultipro disc!

          Field Requirements: 1. Flat

                                                2. Near a metro station - 10-15minute walk

                                                    from the metro is fine.

                                                3. Free or very cheap.

                                                4. Can be used for 4-5 hours on Sunday

                                                5. If can use at night needs lights

                                                6. Grass Prefferred but turf acceptable.



          场地要求: 1. 平坦.

                             2. 靠近地铁站- 10到15分钟的步行是可以接受的.

                             3. 免费或者收费比较低.

                             4. 可以在周日使用3-4个小时并且/或者周二晚上可以使用


                             5. 如果在晚上使用的话, 需要有灯光或者间接的灯光照射.

                             6. 天然草坪最佳但是人工草坪亦可接受.