China Open 2013 roster finalized


As the 2013 China Open (China Nationals essentially) will be in Shenzhen this year, (May 18-19),  the Shenzhen Ulitimate Players Association will send a team to the tournament.  The Roster has been finalized and the SZUPA will send 21 foreign and Chinese players to represent the Superren-

Captain/Head Coach- David Bruns (USA)

Captain/Asst Coach- Joey Di (China)

John Jansen (USA)

Cody Erhart (USA)

Landon Blane (USA)

Ultimate in Shenzhen- Tuesday Night Training Gang Xia


While the numbers present at the practice were a little high for my taste (35 people- 1/2 of them brand new), I thought last night's practice went better than expected.  We still haven't as a team reached that point, where we know who wants to play more serious, competetive frisbee, and who is just there for exercise, but hopefully as people improve (very slowly for some, but that's ok), they'll learn to enjoy the challenge of the sport and will seek to get better.

Ultimate in Shenzhen- Tuesday night training


It has been a couple of weeks since I had led the tuesday night throwing practice, as we've had rain and I've had an illness that kept me out as well.  I got a little bit tired teaching the Horizontal stack so much recently so last night  we focused on catching and throwing.  I will admit that we moved a way from that main them of "throwing practice" to do other drills so it was nice to go back to basics.  I think it went well.  got in a nice amount of running.  I liked it especially b/c both the new and more experienced players could gain something from this as we worked on pivoting and ot

Playing Frisbee in Shenzhen- Wednesday pickup


Thanks to the Qing Ming (tomb sweeping) festival,  we got an extra day of pick up in this week.  As we started a couple of weeks ago, beyond just simple playing, we also ran a couple of drills.

Ultimate frisbee in Shenzhen- Tuesday night throwing practice


We had our Tuesday night throwing practice on Tuesday.  Went ok, I just hope in the future we can get people thinking on the field so that we can teach better drills.  Since we're still building, there are a lot of repeat drills which gets old for the experienced folk.  But we are building so it does take time

Congrats to Cyril for earning the free disc.  I thought he did well at practice and recommended him for one of the discs



Ultimate Frisbee in Shenzhen – From Fat to Flick 3/29 Day 14


I need to be stricter with my diet. The worst thing you can do is to start making exceptions. Oh, I can eat this, for whatever reason. If you commit to doing a diet in a certain way, and you continue to make allowances for things, it opens the door from making “safe” allowances to doing the worst thing ever which is saying, “Oh, I can cheat just once” and acting on it. The day before yesterday...

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Ultimate Frisbee in Shenzhen – From Fat to Flick 3/28 Day 13


A bit of a misstep last night. I ate too much cooked vegetables, but no meat still so that part still going well.

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Ultimate Frisbee in Shenzhen – From Fat to Flick 3/27 Day 12


I started the day almost late again. Had to rush to get my fruits cleaned and take care of Mandy(quick stop outside for her to  pee), then back in feed her, give her water, put her in her room, then juice my fruit within 15 minutes. I need to sleep earlier and wake up earlier.  My fruit drink in the morning is still pretty much the same. Dragon fruit, apple carrot and I exchange the vegetables, like cucumbers some day, celery, both, or some leafy greens. Always tastes good. It’s really grown to be something I look forward to(though I still do miss my xiao long bao).

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Ultimate Frisbee in Shenzhen – From Fat to Flick 3/26 Day 11


Getting through the day is no problem. My Juice in the morning is very filling till lunch. My Lunch is very filling just need to get to the supermarket early to get my veggies and avoid the huge line(need to be there by 12:10). Snacking on almonds and cashews and drinking lots of water gets me to the end of work. The tricky part is dinner. So hungry by then. I bought...

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Ultimate Frisbee in Shenzhen – From Fat to Flick 3/25 Day 10


Wow…I really struggled at the end of Sunday. Pickup really took a lot out of me. So many people to organize and teach. You probably know we had over 50 people come on Sunday. Taking care of so many people on a weekly basis can take a lot out of you, especially if you’re also working on a new diet. 

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