About Us

We are the ShenZhen Ultimate Players Association, a popular Ultimate Frisbee Club in Shenzhen. All are welcome to join. Whether experienced or totally new, boy or girl, young or young at heart. We welcome all and enjoy teaching anyone that is interested. 
我们是ShenZhen Ultimate Players Association, 你城市的极限飞盘俱乐部. 我们欢迎任何人的加入, 无论你是经验丰富的老盘子还是完完全全的新盘子, 无论你是男孩还是女孩, 身体年轻或者心灵年轻. 我们欢迎你并享受教授任何感兴趣的朋友.

Our club currently meets three times a week for three different activities.

Sunday Pickup 2:30-5:30PM: www.SZUltimate.com/Pickup

Tuesday Training 8:00-10:00PM: www.SZUltimate.com/Training

Thursday Throwing 7:30-10:00PM: www.SZUltimate.com/Throw

In addition we have many social gatherings like Leagues, Hat Tournaments(Grass and Beach), Potluck Dinners, Movie Nights, Beach Trips, and trips to other cities for friendly matches and tournaments. 

Contacts (联系人):
Jeff (English 英文) - 13751100329

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What is Ultimate?

Ultimate Frisbee is a popular team sport played in many high schools and colleges in the US. Well at least it started there, now it's all over the world. It is a non-contact co-ed sport played on a field similar in design to an American Football or Rugby field. Two teams play against one another by placing 7 players on opposite sides of the field. The game starts by one team throwing the disc to the opposite team and running to the other side of the field to defend them. The receiving team will have one person catch the disc or go pick it up where it's landed and from that point on, any person who is holding the disc can no longer run. The person holding the disc now will be defended by one person and have 10 seconds to pass the disc to another player on his team. The disc can be passed forward or backwards in any direction but when passing, a thrower must keep his left leg planted in the ground and can pivot on his foot.The way to score is to move the disc by passing accurately to players on your team up the field and catch the disc in an endzone. The team with the most points at the end of play wins.

极限飞盘是一项在美国高中和大学中十分流行的运动. 至少是在那里开始的, 但是现在已经遍布全球. 这是一项在类似足球场或者橄榄球场进行的没有身体接触的运动. 对阵双方各有7名队员. 比赛开始时由一方开盘扔到对阵方并跑向对方进行防守, 另一方则要有一个人接到盘或者在盘落地的地方捡起飞盘, 此时竞技开始. 任何持盘者不能再跑动. 持盘者需要在10秒钟之内在一名防守队员的防守下将飞盘传给自己的队友. 此时, 持盘者必须有一条腿在地上不移动但是可以以这条腿作为支点. 前后方向都是可以进行传盘的. 得分的方法是在场地上准确的将飞盘传给自己的队友并且在得分区接到飞盘. 在比赛结束时得分最多的队伍获胜.

For a more detailed explanation of the game check out this great video below in English with Chinese subtitles.

下面这个非常棒的视频可以帮助你更好的了解这项运动, 视频是英文但是配有中文的字幕.

This second video is a feature of one of our Captain's Xiao K showing frisbee trickshots and a fun competition against a Kung Fu Master on Hunan TV.




You can also check out other videos that will show you some of the skills you need to play ultimate.

Just go on Youku and search "Bro tips" for videos teaching Ultimate skills and search "Ultimate Frisbee" for videos of people playing our sport.

ShenZhen Ultimate Players Association