Training is meant as a way to improve our skills at Ultimate so we can have more interesting, fun games. Renting a field helps us practice more difficult things and helps avoid injury. Hopefully with enough practice our team will be able to compete in tournaments around China.

训练对于提高我们极限飞盘的水平故而可以享受更有趣的比赛是很有意义的. 租场训练可以帮助我们训练更难的技巧以及避免受伤. 希望借足够的训练可以使我们的队伍在中国的各项联赛中成为一支极有竞争力的队伍.

Players of all levels are welcome to take part. Guys and girls are equally welcome. It's a great relaxing way to stay fit and meet some new ppl.

我们欢迎各水平的朋友参加活动. 男士女士都一样, 这是一项很不错的休闲运动, 它可以让你保持好身材和认识新朋友.

We don't care about your skill level, whether you've never picked up a disc in your life to the disc tossing expert, we would love to have you and would enjoy teaching you.
我们不在意你的技术水平, 无论你是从来没有碰过飞盘或者是骨灰级玩家. 我们期待你的参与并十分乐意做你的老师.

If you are coming, please send Jeff a text message and tell him if you are bringing a friend. 13751100329

如果你要来, 请发短信告知Jeff, 并告知是否会带朋友一起.

**Canceling** is fine as long as we are given some notice. A simple text message is enough. We hope you can let us know at least 2 hours before since we may be short people which will force us to pay extra out of pocket for the field rental.

**取消**如果你因为种种原因不能参加没关系, 发个短信告诉我. 但是我希望你能够提前2小时告诉我, 因为我们可能面临人数不够而导致大家要多掏钱.

NO-SHOW and NO TEXT/CALL IS NOT OK - We expect some notice if you can't come. No-Show on a paid rental day, We expect you to pay for your share next time.

放鸽子并且没有电话没有短信, 不OK- 无论是在少年宫或者租场地. 我都希望可以得到你的通知, 如果租场地你放鸽子, 那我希望你可以在下次支付你需要付的费用.

The training schedule below illustrates when and where we will play. If you aren't sure where training is this week, please contact Jeff.

以下的日程表阐述了我们活动的时间和地点, 如果你不确定本周的活动地点, 请联系Jeff

Practice Breakdown
- Warm up by throwing from a short distance to a partner
- Stretch lead by one of the coaches
- Drills teaching strategy - group will be split into two groups by experience
- Pickup Ultimate for the last hour

- 短距离传接盘热身
- 教练组织拉伸筋骨
- 战术技巧训练 - 按经验分组训练.
- 最后一小时为分组练习赛.

Tentative Training Schedule -
We will rent the field @ Yunding School from 8:00-10:30PM
Check the weekly SMS or the Home page of for any change in location.
我们会在岗厦中学租场地 时间 8:00-10:30PM
50RMB for regular members who've been to any of our past activities
Something to drink with you or buy inside of the metro station before meeting us.
Proper shoes - You should invest in some good cleats, but sneakers are a good start.
Your Superren shirt and a white shirt(bring a dark colored shirt if you don't have a Superren jersey)
Disc(optional since we will bring many to share as well as have some for sale)
Cash;) Please bring exact change or you can pay by Wechat

现金;) 请带零钱.

Address & Directions:  

See you soon!

Make sure to text or message Jeff on Wechat if in! 13751100329.

ShenZhen Ultimate Players Association