Ultimate Frisbee Skills

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  • Grip- shake hands with the disc, thumb on flight rings
  • Stance- keep non-throwing foot in place (pivot foot), step across body with foot on throwing side of your body.
  • Using mostly wrist, flick or snap the disc, as if flicking gum off of your fingers.
  • Follow through to receiver

 Common Errors

  • Disc sails upward-too much upper body used, big sweeping motion on follow through, need to throw under arm of marker, or at waist height, more wrist snap.
  • Disc wobbles- step across body to release disc, need more wrist snap


  • Make a gun with your thumb, pointer, and middle fingers.  Place the barrel of the gun (the middle finger and the pointer) on the inside rim of disc. Thumb on top on flight rings of disc. Your ring and pinky fingers on the outside of the rim. If turned over you should see your index, middle, the edge of the disc, ring finger and pinky in that order.  Palm must remain facing upward throughout the throw. Don’t drop the beizi(glass)!!
  • Stance-hips square face receiver.  Step slightly forward, on same side as the throw. 
  • Keep palm facing up, wrist snap as if trying to shake gum or something dirty off your fingers.
  • Release point is at your hip, not in front. Palm is still facing up, fingers point toward receiver.

Common errors

  • Throw not accurate-hips not square to receiver
  • Disc wobbles -need more wrist snap
  • Disc pulls over-follow through with palm facing up



  • Most secure catch.
  • When disc is between shoulders and waist.
  • One hand on top, one underneath disc.
  • Keep eyes on disc.

2-Handed Rim

  • When disc is above shoulders. Two hands, thumbs under rim fingers on top of disc.
  • When disc is below knees. Two hands, thumbs on top of disc, fingers under disc.

1-Handed Rim

One hand used when not possible to catch with 2 hands.