SZ Ultimate Beach Party! @ Barefoot Beach Bar - Xichong Beach

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SZ Ultimate Beach Party! @ Barefoot Beach Bar - Xichong Beach
Friday, August 17, 2012 - 10:00pm to Sunday, August 19, 2012 - 12:00am

To Join this event you must contact Joey/Jeff by Wednesday 8/16: 13423864816/13751100329(English only)

如果你希望参加本次活动你必须在周三前通知Joey/Jeff: 13423864816/13751100329(英文)

Hey guys,

We have a really nice trip planned for you. This is a combination goodbye beach party for Karen, Devin, and Jen. Devin and Jen are moving to Guangzhou and unfortunately, they won't make it to the beach. They prefer traveling to Thailand. Bastards..We'll send them off at training on Tuesday. We'll go Friday night, camp out on the beach, Wake up and enjoy Xichong. Play some sports like ultimate frisbee, football, go swimming in either the beach or Barefoot Beach Bars private pool. Enjoy a BBQ Buffet for Lunch AND Dinner. Play some beer pong and some other games.我们计划了一个很nice的旅行. 周五出发, 海滩露营, 起床再好好享受西冲的乐趣. 可以玩极限飞盘, 踢足球, 下海游泳或者Barefoot酒吧的私人泳池. 午餐和晚餐可享受自助烧烤, 期间我们会组织玩beer pong和其他的游戏

We may also be joined by some other sports groups from around Shenzhen including: the Shenzhen Tigers football team, the Shenzhen Celts gaelic football team, The Shenzhen Dragons rugby team, and maybe a couple other groups.

This should be a really fun weekend.


Trip Cost: 150 RMB 旅行费用: 150


Bus transportation to Barefoot Beach Bar @ Xi Chong on Friday and back to the city on Saturday night, 3 coupons for a pint of Tiger or soft drink per head, Buffet lunch Saturday at 12:30PM, Buffet Dinner on Saturday evening 6:30PM, DJ'ed Pool Party on Saturday大巴接送(周五下午去西冲barefoot酒吧, 周六晚上回), 每人有三张饮品券(可享受三瓶Tiger啤酒或者其他软饮) 周六自助午餐和自助晚餐(12:30pm和6:30pm), 带DJ的私人泳池

Optional Additional Costs可选择的其他消费:

1. All You Can Drink Beer and Soft Drinks Option无限啤酒和软饮

Cost per head: +70 RMB  每人加70RMB        

Free flow of Tiger beer and Drink Beer and soda Friday Nite and Saturday from 6PM onwards. This would be the best deal if you plan to play beer pong/flipcup. 从周五晚到周六无限制的提供啤酒与其他饮品. 如果你准备玩beer pong 这将是你的最佳选择


2. Win 500RMB Dinner Voucher @ Bollywood Café/1947 Indian Restaurant
有机会赢得Bollywood Café或1947 Indian Restaurant 500元代金券

Cost per ticket: +30RMB 每人加30RMB      

Dinner voucher has a value of up to 500RMB good at either restaurant. Multiple raffle tickets can be purchased and 1 name will be drawn at midnight on Friday Night.代金券包括500RMB, 可以在任意餐厅使用. 可以选择多买抽奖券. 周五晚会抽取获奖者.

-Food and Drinks from outside are not allowed @ any area of the bar.酒吧不允许外带食物和饮品

-Food and drinks will be for sale for our group at a discount of 10% as well as receive other special weekend promotions such as 5 pints of Tiger for 100RMB.对于我们酒吧提供一切食物和饮品9折同时也可以享受周末特惠例如: 5瓶啤酒100元

Activities include: Beach Ultimate Frisbee, Beach Soccer (football), Beach Rugby, Beer Pong/Flip Cup, Water Balloon fight, use of the pool, DJ during the party on Saturday, 500RMB Bollywood Café Dinner Raffle Drawing活动包括: 沙滩飞盘, 沙滩足球, 沙滩橄榄球, beer pong/flip cup, 水球大战, 周六Party与DJ, 500元Bollywood Café代金券


- Pick up by BYOB Party bus, at Luo Hu (exact pick up point to be confirmed) On Friday, August 17, 8PM周五晚8点在罗湖(具体地址请等待通知)有大巴接送

- One Free welcome drink per person will be given upon arrival.每人在到达目的地的时候会得到一瓶饮料作为主人的欢迎.

- Hand out tents (for the people that don’t have their own tent), for set up at the beach (the rental fee of the tents you can handle directly with St. Tropez resort, their reception desk is in the bar, the price for tents is 50 RMB 0755-8442 1992 (, at this moment, for the 17th they still have quite a few rooms available, if needed, you could reserve rooms also through the same number. However, on the weekends these rooms fill up quickly, so early reservation is advised.租用帐篷(为了自己没有帐篷的人), 关于帐篷的事你可以直接与St. Tropez沟通, 他们在酒吧内有接待处, 帐篷是50/顶. 0755-8442 1992 ( 目前他们在17号还有一些空房, 如果需要你可以通过同样的电话号码订房, 你懂的, 这些房间在周末都满的很快, 所以建议你今早预订

- Upon arrival, we will give 3 coupons (pint of Tiger beer or pint of Soda/Juice) per guest, I'll hand them out to our group when I get them from the bar. You can choose to use them anytime on Fri or Sat. 到达后, 我们会给每个人分发3张饮料券(啤酒或饮料), 我在从酒吧拿到后会分发给大家, 你可以选择在周五或者周六使用.

- Free time for our group during that Friday evening, they could choose to stay at the bar and party, use the pool, or go on the beach.周五晚上是自由活动时间, 大家可以选择在酒吧party, 去泳池游泳, 或者去沙滩玩.

- Saturday the beach will be roped off, so no one will be walking on our Ultimate Frisbee/Soccer/Rugby field during a game. 周六沙滩会围起来这样没有其他人会走过来影响大家玩飞盘/足球/橄榄球. 

- Lunch will be a buffet style lunch similar to what we will be having for dinner seen below.午餐是自助午餐, 类型与晚上相近(如下).

- Saturday evening around 6pm Dinner (buffet style)周六晚6点晚餐(自助)
*2 kinds of soup, French Fries, Pizza, Pasta, Hamburgers, BBQ Chicken, Mixed fruit, Fruit Salad, Mixed Salad, Coke/Sprite/Orange Juice (the drinks only available during dinner time, from 6pm-7.30pm) 2种汤, 炸薯条, pizza, 意面, 汉堡, 烤鸡, 水果, 水果沙拉, 混合沙拉, , 可乐/雪碧/橙汁(此时供应的饮品只限于在晚餐时间引用6pm-7:30pm)

Also for the dinner, there will be a separate area for our group, with a drink service area. Closing at 7:30 unless u purchased open bar Tiger beer/Soda/OJ.同样, 晚餐时间我们会有单独的空间伴有独立吧台直到7:30除非你购买了无限饮品的方案.

-Departure of the buses back to the city will be around midnight on Saturday. You can choose to stay but you'll need another way back from the beach. 返程大巴将会在周六午夜离开, 你可以选择留在西冲但是这样你就要自己想办法回家了.

Hope to see you all soon!

Shenzhen Ultimate Players Association

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Shenzhen Ultimate Players Association